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CCO is a day program that allows our clients to be active members of their community. They build relationships and skills with the individualized attention that they receive from our wonderful staff. To learn more, visit our Day Services page!
CLASP Community Options (CCO) Day Program

Our Mission 
We create and support family environments for people with autism and intellectual disabilities by attracting and retaining a nurturing and dedicated staff. 
CLASP is thrilled to announce the expansion of its day services to meet the ever growing needs of Fairfield County families. With the love, generosity and "legacy planning" of our dear friend Dan Offutt, The Daniel Offutt Art and Education Community Center is becoming a reality. The newly renovated 9500 sq. ft. space will be the center of art, music, dance, and education to lift the spirits and fill the void left by other more limited programs. Activities, programs, and classes will include gardening, pottery, healthy cooking classes, yoga, dance, computer lab, music, sensory and workout gyms, academics, daily living skills, movie night, and much much more!

                                                 Christopher is 36 years old. At age 2 he moved in with                                                     his grandmother. Christopher saw his other family, but                                                   mostly he grew up with his grandmother. They moved                                                     many times but home for Christopher was always with                                                   his grandmother. Even though most families think                                                           there is no place like a traditional home for their loved                                                     ones, sometimes they have to acknowledge that as                                                         care givers age and children grow to adults, some                                                           situations become harder for families to deal with.

As Christopher grew up, it became more difficult for grandma to take care of him. He transitioned from a child to a man. As a teenager he spent time in a residential school and also in a group home, but there were issues, always issues. In the end, Christopher went back home with grandma. But she was growing older too.  
Grandma did her best, but as she aged, she became ill. Christopher’s mom moved in with them to try to help, but ultimately there was no holding back the passage of time. Grandma would first be hospitalized and then eventually moved to a skilled nursing facility. Christopher was crushed. Then, as often happens, the trouble came in pairs. First grandma was gone, then came the bills. Without Grandma’s help, the bills could not be paid. Then came the warnings and then the shut off notices. When we first met Christopher, his family was on the verge of losing their home. He was on the State’s “Emergency List” for placement. His home was being foreclosed on.  
When he eventually moved to CLASP, he was heartbroken about his beloved grandmother, confused about what was happening and terrified of what was to come. He came to us with two bags of belongings. He had no money, no furniture, little clothing, beyond a few changes. That was it.  
Now that Christopher has been at CLASP for some time, he has begun to develop a social group within in his home which he seems to enjoy. He says he feels safe at the group home, but whenever somebody new comes around, who looks official, he continues to express fears that he will have to move or be taken away.
CLASP has always been a safety net for people whose lives are falling apart and we’re proud to be that safety net. Unfortunately, over time it leaves us underfunded. 
With your help we’re able to provide a caring loving home for all our folks. 
Will you help us let Christopher know he has a home? 

Warm regards, 

Tracy Flood

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